Save Money and Energy
Approximately one third of a building's cooling costs can be attributed to solar heat gain through windows, according to U.S. Department of Energy statistics. Vista® Window Film helps reduce solar heat gain up to 84%, which can help save money and energy when it comes to your building's operation. By reducing air-conditioner run time or lowering load conditions, Vista® Window Films can save money and energy.

*Vista® Window Film can reduce solar heat gain up to 84%

Smart Energy Solution
Picking the Perfect Energy Saving Solution of the many energy saving solutions available for your building, Vista® Window Films provides one of the best returns on investment. Vista® Window Films can help reduce your energy costs by 5-15%, reduce solar heat gain up to 84% and protect your building and tenants from harmful UV rays.

A Smart Energy Saving Solution
With an average of 6.6 times greater cost savings per dollar invested and much quicker payback than total window replacement with new low-E windows, Vista® Window Film provides you with a smart energy saving solution. In addition to benefiting from increased protection from harmful UV rays, your tenants or employees will appreciate minimal inconvenience from installation, which can be completed in a fraction of the time of window replacement.

Increase Employee Comfort
80% of workers have trouble concentrating if the office temperature is higher than normal, according to a recent study. Vista® Window Film provides a cost-effective option for increasing employee comfort by reducing heat throughout your property.

*According to a report entitled, Control of Temperature for Health and Productivity in Offices, there is a 2% drop in productivity for each degree above 78°F. (TAC)

Keep Your Office Cooler
By reducing heat from solar energy up to 84%, Vista® Window Film can help even out hot and cold spots throughout your building. The result is more satisfied building tenants and greater employee comfort.
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